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WEIGHT/重さ: 0.80cts UP/pcs

SIZE/サイズ: 6.0mm UP

SHAPE/形: FANCY (HEART CUT)/ファンシー(ハートカット)



ORIGIN/産地: -


*Please note that the color of the stone may vary slightly from the one seen in the photo.

SAPPHIRE 0.80cts UP/pcs (OSSAP10004)

  • Sapphires are one of the Four Precious Gemstones and belong to the corundum classification of minerals. These gemstones are sourced around the world but are mainly mined in Cambodia, India, and Colombia.

    The sapphire is the September birthstone. While these stones are popular for their blue variant, there are many other options like sapphires colored green, brown, or yellow.

    In terms of spirituality, these stones help alleviate any mental tension or negativity and they represent balance in all aspects of one's life.

    Historically these stones have been symbols of justice and peace.

  • サファイアは4つの貴重な宝石の1つであり、鉱物のコランダム分類に属しています。これらの宝石は世界中で調達されていますが、主にカンボジア、インド、コロンビアで採掘されています。



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