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Morganite: Meaning, The New April Birthstone

Morganite Gemstone Origin

Morganite or vorobevite was initially named after J.P. Morgan, a well-known banker, and gem enthusiast. This stone is also the official gemstone of Madagascar and has been growing in popularity since the 2010s. Mined in places like Madagascar, North and South America as well as the Middle East, this beautiful pink gemstone is slowly becoming an alternative to the diamond.

Morganite falls under the beryl classification and generally is pinkish to purple in hue. As a rare gemstone, Morganite is not reproduced inside laboratories making it one of the most expensive types of gemstones.

Morganite as the April Birthstone

April 1 - 30

Recently Morganite has also come to be the birthstone for April. Other birthstones for this month include diamonds, opals, and sapphires.

Color, Shades, and Varieties

While Morganite is known for its soft pink color it can come in a variety of shades similar to champagne, light purple, or even yellowish salmon pink. Due to its color, this gemstone is often confused with kunzite or tourmalines as the hue makes it difficult to distinguish. One of the only ways to tell it apart would be to examine the density of the stone. Similar to that of other beryl it has a unique glassy luster brought about by its faceting. In terms of hardness, this stone is 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale which makes it perfect as an addition to any jewelry collection.

Morganite Symbolism:

  • Cleanses the heart and helps the wearer become more compassionate

  • Encourages unconditional love

  • Soothes unfulfilled emotional needs and healing

  • Unblocks any spiritual clogging and increases feelings of assurance

  • Said to help improve those with eye diseases

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