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Gemstone Photography: Easy Guide and Tips

Gemstones can be an object to shoot with your high-quality camera or even just with your smartphone. Gemstone photography is a valuable skill to pursue if you are into the gem world or photography itself.

Many might think it requires the best camera or a studio set up to click for good picture results. Though it is required if you are a professional, simply having a smartphone can result in having professional-looking images. We offer you step-by-step guide and tips on what to do and how to do it using the right techniques.

Easy Step-by-step Guide on Gemstone Photography

  1. Set up a mini photo studio box. If one is unavailable, make use of some items that can be used as background. Make sure the background provides contrast to the stone. Use a darker background for light-colored stones, and a white background for stones that appear to be more highlighted on a lighter background.

  2. The mini photo studio box that you purchase online is mostly included with lighting. However, adding some additional lighting can be a good way to support taking great photos. If you are setting up without a studio box, purchasing one is not the only option. You can always try using the sunlight; sometimes it can be a better option to show the natural color of the stones.

  3. A tripod (optional) can support your smartphone or camera to make sure the object is in focus. Set your focus exactly on where the object is placed. A macro lens gives a huge definition to the photos you take. Some newer smartphones have these features included. However, macro lens attachments are available to buy to attach to smartphones without this feature. For camera users, investing in a macro lens can be a good step towards shooting gemstones. Make sure to purchase according to your preferences with the help of reviews available online.

  4. Set the exposure and brightness of your smartphone to adjust to the perfect style of the photos. If you are using a camera, set the exposure and brightness by adjusting the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture. Higher shutter speed is preferred to prevent from any shaky results.

  5. These high-resolution cameras will capture dust, fingerprints, and any other unseen objects around us. Cleaning your gemstone with a microfiber cloth removes unseen objects from being seen on camera.

  6. Position gemstones where it best lighted. Try to position the gem considering to the salient characteristics. Tips: try to move around the stone and camera and see where it is placed in the best lighting that represents your principal objective.

  7. After finishing the photo shoot, process your photos on software or smartphone applications to crop, straighten, adjust color balance, sharpen, and edit your photographs. Do not over edit the color of the stones to have accurate images of the objects.

I hope you have a better ideas on how to take great gemstones pictures. Once you start, do it frequently, and the faster your will be master the skills.

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