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Garnet: Meaning, January Birthstone

Garnet Gemstone Origin

The name "garnet" originates from granatus, the Latin word for pomegranate due to its similarity to the red color. Garnet is a group of several minerals of different color ranges, from purple to red, oranges to yellow, yellow to green, as well as colorless.

Although Bohemia used to be the primary source of red garnets, it is sourced around the world, including African countries as the number one supplier. Green-colored garnets are mostly sourced from Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Madagascar. However, Tanzania and Namibia also are key suppliers of orange and yellow spessartine garnets. Many other areas such as Myanmar, Brazil, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, and are among areas where garnets are produced and mined.

Garnet as the January Birthstone

January 1 - 31

Garnet is the only Birthstone of January. Those born in January are lucky to have this beautiful and diverse stone as their birthstone.

Color, Shades, and Varieties

Garnets are well known for their pure red hue, however, they come in a wide variety of colors. Garnets break down into several mineral categories: almandine, pyrope, spessartite, grossular, andradite, rhodolite and leuco.

  • Almandine is a garnet containing iron and aluminum. Its color range produced by the iron is from reddish-brown to violet-red or better known for its wine color.

  • Pyrope comes in red due to chromium and is often confused with ruby. It is a garnet of magnesium, silica, and alumina.

  • Spessartite contains the mineral manganese and aluminum, expressing the warm vibrant orange color with high refractive power. The stone has incandescent brilliance with sparkles.

  • Grossular is a calcium garnet that is known for having popular varieties including hessonite (cinnamon color) and tsavorite (emerald green color).

  • Like Grossular, Andradite is a mineral category with some different varieties such as demantoid (brilliant green color garnet with rainbow reflections and intensity similar to diamond characteristics), Melanite (black), Topazolite (brown to yellow), and many others.

  • Uvarovite is a chromium-bearing garnet group. It has dark, rich green color and is one of the rarest members of the garnet family.

Garnet Symbolism:

  • Symbolizes perseverance and strength

  • Symbolizes commitment

  • The ancient Egyptians hailed garnets as a symbol of life

  • With associations with the heart, blood, inner fire, and life force, garnet symbolizes love and friendship

  • Aid in the healing of broken bonds of love

  • Helps flush out body toxins and keep circulation strong

  • Serves up self-confidence, sexual energy, and true sincerity

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