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Essential Tools for Gemstone Enthusiasts

Each gemstone has its own unique features that may not be entirely visible at first glance. Properly differentiating one gem from another requires a set combination of tools and instruments. While it may be overwhelming at first, it all comes down to knowing the basic tools to help you identify and get to know more about the gems within your growing collection.

In this article, we list down some of the most essential tools for gemstone enthusiasts to help you get started on your newfound passion.

Essentials tools for beginner gemstone enthusiasts:

Tweezers/Gem Holder

Handling gems with a tweezer can be handy with good quality tweezers. It prevents your gemstone from dropping and securely picking it up.

Handling gems with a reliable set of tweezers prevents your gemstone from falling all while allowing you to steadily examine the gemstone without fear of

Calipers/Digital Calipers/Micrometer

To measure the dimensions of your gemstone accurately, owning either a caliper or micrometer is of the utmost importance.

Gem Cloth

Owning a Gem Cloth is an integral part of your gemstone cleaning routine. The material of the cloth alone is suitable for cleaning gemstones without the need for chemicals. It will keep your piece shining and clean just by adding a little water when wiping.


A loupe helps you view the gemstone properly by minimizing distortions and color inaccuracy. It would be wise to invest in a 10x magnification triplet loup as this tool will help you when determining the gemstone type and looking for any inclusions.

Gem Torchlight

A flashlight or a gem torchlight would be necessary for helping identify gemstone properties. Aside from a regular torchlight, it may be worth investing in a trust UV torch as it can help in identifying UV-color-changing gemstones.

Jewelry Mat

To keep your gemstone in place when not in use, to prevent the gem from falling on a hard surface or rolling around, a jewelry mat acts as a soft surface to secure your gemstone.


To gather multiple gemstones at one time, a scoop is necessary to gather many at once and aids in sorting gemstones.

Gemstone Container

Purchasing a Gemstone Container, be it a box or a tray can help store and showcase your collection of gemstones.

Aside from having the utmost essential tools for beginners, take your interest to the next level with our suggestion for more professional tools. These tools will supply you with even more accuracy in measuring, identifying, and getting a better view and range of measurements of the gemstones.

Gemstone Tools for Professionals

Carat Scale

Some Carat Scales weigh your gemstones with an accuracy of 0.05ct and a capacity of 250ct or 500ct. However, most professional dealers or collectors will use the scale with an accuracy of 0.01ct with the maximum weight from 250ct to 1500ct.

Stone Line Holder

Stone Line Holders allow you to place gemstones side-by-side for grading or comparison.


Compared to using a Loupe as mentioned previously, a microscope offers more magnification and is much easier for the eyes. This tool becomes necessary when you want to study gem inclusions in depth. It also helps differentiate natural gemstones from synthetics.


A refractometer is a tool that aids in measuring the refractive index (RI) of gems more accurately as compared to using a microscope.

While this list for professional equipment is by no means exhaustive, there are plenty of other tools we didn't discuss such as the dichroscope, polariscope, and jeweler's eye to name a few. Depending on which aspect of the gemstone you wish to further evaluate beyond the basics, further equipment is worth investing and researching on.

In conclusion, simple tools are enough for beginner hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. There is no immediate need to invest in professional tools or instruments. Hopefully, our list guides you in narrowing down and purchasing your first batch of gemstone equipment.

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