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Amethyst: Meaning, February Birthstone

Amethyst Gemstone, Birthstone of February

Amethyst Origin

Amethyst comes from the Greek word "Amethystos," meaning "not drunken". Before the large deposits were discovered in Brazil, Amethyst used to be one of the most expensive gems on Earth. It was originally a Russian export, but today these gemstones are also found in their origin in Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, the USA, and some other areas.

Amethyst as the February Birthstone

February 1 - 29

A birthstone is widely accepted to be the gem that someone can feel most connected to, either it suits one's personally, mentally, spiritually. It is also a stone that represents one's birth date.

Amethyst is the birthstone of February and is meant to embody all the love, passion, and healing of the season. This gem also doubles as the zodiac stone of the star sign Aquarius. The reasoning behind it is that towards the end of February, the season gets a little warmer making it the perfect month to spread joy and affection with one's loved ones.

Color, Shades, and Varieties

From shaded lilacs to cheery violets and even fragrant purples, Amethysts are known for their eye-spoiling range of purple hues. Amethysts symbolize the power and royalty of a person.

This purple birthstone is a lavender variety of the quartz family and is related to November's birthstone, Citrine.

Amethyst Meaning

Amethysts finds its place in people's hearts because of its positive meaning and representation properties, listed below.

  • Gives protective powers from harm in war or peace

  • Represents people with power, authority, or someone who inspired others

  • Attributed to alleviating anxiety as well as bringing peace and serenity.

  • Believed to stop infectious diseases.

  • Protects of houses from theft.

  • Sacred symbol of pure love, popularized by St. Valentine.

  • The source of light and life.

  • Improves intelligence.

  • Bringer of luck and success

Fun Fact: The four-time Grammy nominee, Robin Thicke spends $20,000 on a 60cm high Amethyst stone around the same time he got a buzz cut and was seen drinking green juice; is he changing his lifestyle?

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